Feier@bend AG

The Bohlengruppe holds a minority interest in the Feierabend AG, whose offer is defined by the website. is a social network that was founded in 1988 as the first German language Internet club for the generation "50 plus". With approximately 180,000 members, with a member age average of 60 years, it is the largest German-language offer of its kind. According to the IVW, the site is visited monthly by approximately 700,000 visitors on the Internet.

In September 2008, the "" was awarded the "Best Community" award in Germany, in the competition "Wege ins Netz" by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The free offer does not receive any government grants and is financed solely by advertisements. Already two years after the founding, the Feierabend AG became profitable and thus became one of the first dotcom companies in Germany to achieve this.

In January 2013, Feierabend AG took over its competitor Platinnetz.


FAKT AG develops individual, targeted and future-oriented solutions in the real estate, energy and capital markets.

FAKT AG´s expertise lies in the structuring of investment vehicles, real estate investments and asset management.

Individualized, tailor-made problem solving, real estate investment strategies and project development, as well as consistent monitoring of real estate projects, from the initial idea through financing to realization, are part of their competencies.